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Our Prime Jumbo Program Now Offering New Pricing

Reliant Bank offers many varieties of residential mortgage loan programs, but one of our most robust offerings is our newly-enhanced and greatly-improved Prime Jumbo product.  This mortgage solution features guaranteed 15-day funding and includes our competitive pricing and matchless customer service.

At Reliant Bank, we understand that not every customer fits into a conventional loan program. No matter what type of unique scenario you face, you can rely on Reliant Bank to offer outstanding solutions. No matter what the circumstance, Reliant Bank is dedicated to providing competitive and effective residential mortgage solutions.

Reliant Bank is a publicly-traded, regulated financial institution with more than $3 billion in assets. We offer a variety of mortgage solution programs with competitive rates and an easy, efficient process for both lending partners and borrowers. Reliant Bank is a profitable bank located in Nashville, Tennessee.  We specialize in Prime Jumbo and Non-QM loans, purchasing on a Del and Non-Del (flow) basis in all 50 states. Learn more at

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